zondag 5 juni 2011

The Beatles

1a Paul McCartney2a John Lennon3a George Harrison4a Ringo Starr5 The Beatles6 The Beatles7 The Beatles8 The Beatles9 The Beatles10 George Harrison11 George:Ringo12 Paul:John13 The Beatles14 The Beatles15 The Beatles17 The Beatles19 The Beatles:box21 The Beatles:box22 The Beatles:box23 The Beatles:box24 The Beatles:box25 The Beatles:box27 The Beatles: Jo28 The Beatles: Jo29 The Beatles: Jo30 The Beatles: Jo31 The Beatles

3 opmerkingen:

Michael James zei

Hello, I saw this link on Papercraft Paradise fan page. Is this available for download? We'd love to build them;)

Iris Casado zei

Sorry, there are no templates of them.

Marjaco hobby zei

Wat is dit mooi zeg, wat een werk heb je er van gemaakt....klasse!